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Hackles: Dry Fly, Webby, Spey, Soft & More

Fly Tying Hackles are feathers that are wrapped around the shank of hook to make an artificial fly that will be used for fly fishing. These artificial flies simulate the insects, flies and baitfish that are the fish's natural food source. Hackles are available in a variety of colors or shades.

Fly tying hackles can be classified into the following:
  • Dry fly hackles - Whiting Genetic dry fly, Hebert Miner dry fly, High & dry capes
  • Soft fly hackles - Soft hackle with Chickabou, Coq de Leon hen feathers, Brahma hen feathers
  • Spey fly hackles - Whiting Farms’ spey hackle, Whiting Bird Fur
  • Webby fly hackles - Whiting’s Genetic American fly tying feathers, Whiting hen saddles and capes,

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Whiting Hackle Products

Dry Fly

Whiting Genetic - The ultimate in dry fly tying!
With long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 26 and even smaller, Whiting Genetic Dry Fly Hackle is the connoisseur’s choice for fly tying. This product line derives its heritage from the legendary Hoffman grizzly super hackle stock. Only Whiting Farms has this incredible genetic stock to offer you.

Hebert Miner - The Traditionalist’s choice!
The Hebert-Miner line of fly tying feathers is best known for gorgeous natural colors such as creams, duns & browns with brassy overtones and natural sheen. This is the perfect selection for Catskill and traditional pattern fly tiers. Only Whiting Farms has the custodial rights to the legendary Hebert stock. They've combined this with the historic Catskill stocks of Darbee and Miner to make the finest natural-toned dry fly feather available. This combination cannot be found with any other breeder.

High & Dry Capes - The High and Dry Capes are very popular. They are about 85% Hoffman genetics which make them a beautiful cape with the following qualities: - Very good feather count - The barb count is excellent for dry flies - The size range is from #6 to as small as #20 - Good feather length - Even lateral symmetry - Strong elastic quill

Webby Hackle

American - Saltwater and Warmwater flies have never seen better!
Whiting’s Genetic American fly tying feathers were specifically engineered to provide the best saltwater and warmwater large feather hackle necessary for the rigors of tying and fishing large flies. American feathers provide a stiff quill, dense barb and webbing and superbly dyed colorfast-colors perfect for saltwater and warmwater applications. Whiting was the first to offer genetic saltwater and warm water tying feathers.

Whiting Hen Saddles and Capes - perfect for upright wings on dry flies!
Use the cape feathers for tying Adams, Mosquitoes, or similar flies, as well as for nymphs and wet fly collars.
The Saddles feathers are great for throats and collars on trout, salmon and steelhead wet flies. They can also be burnt or cut for upright dry fly wings.

Whiting American Mayfly Winger Capes - a brand new product from Whiting Farms that is marketed specifically for winging on dry and wet fly patterns. The feathers have rounded tips and are fully webbed. Perfect for your classic dry and winged wet patterns.


Whiting Spey Hackle - Unique to the tying world and nine years in the making!

Whiting Farms’ Spey line derives its heritage from the classic silky breed of chicken. Dr. Whiting has advanced the breed to produce the near perfect replacement of spey-style heron-like feathers in an affordable pelt. You have to see it to believe it!

Bird Fur - It looks like fur, but it's really a feather!
Whiting's Spey line offers the tier an all-new way to use natural & long fibers to enhance large flies. With long wispy fur-like feathers up to 6" long, Bird Fur is the natural way to enhance any fly that uses synthetics. Streamers, Buggers, Teasers, Leaches, Speys and more will all come alive when tied with Bird Fur! Each Bird Fur patch is one-half of a full, large Spey Rooster saddle.

Soft Hackle

Soft Hackle with Chickabou - The Soft Hackle portion of the pelt has generally large, soft feathers and their uses include hackle collars for wet flies as well as tailing, legs, cheeks for streamers, wing cases, etc The Chickabou portion has a very soft, breathable type of feather, almost marabouish, but even softer with a better breathing quality when under water. It’s uses include streamer wings, tails for nymphs and wet flies, etc.

Coq de Leon - It’s the newest thing for all around dry and wet fly tying!
Long standing, the Coq de Leon feather is the best natural dry fly tailing feather available, but did you know the Coq de Leon Hen feather has bustard-like mottling perfect for wet fly tying and legging on nymphs? Give it a try! Whiting Farms is the only breeder of Coq de Leon with original bird stock from the Leon district of Spain.

Brahma Hen - the tier’s choice for nymphs, small damsels and woolly buggers
Brahma hen capes and soft hackle with Chick-a-Bou® pelts are rapidly becoming the tier’s choice for nymphs, small damsels and woolly buggers . The natural grey on white mottled appearance of the hen feathers makes this the perfect partridge replacement.
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